GADGETS | Snooper My Speed DVR Dash Cam – Review

As campers we do a lot of driving so anything that can help us improve our road safety is a real bonus. This was our first time using a gadget like this, so read on to find out what we thought!

Snooper My-Speed DVR Dash Cam Review

What is it?

Snooper My-Speed DVR RRP: £149.99
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  • LCD colour screen
  • Built in DVR
  • FREE speed trap database updates – Supplied by AURA™
  • FREE alerts of every speed limit across Europe – Supplied by Here®
  • Displays your speed through GPS
  • Windscreen bracket and in-vehicle charger included
  • Suitable for Cars, Motorhomes, Caravans and Trucks

Snooper My-Speed DVR Dash Cam Review

What we thought

Dash Cams are becoming more popular for safety, documenting any incidents and to help with insurance claims.  They increase their functionality by displaying actual speed alongside speed limits, warnings about the location of schools and speed cameras, and are often combined with sat nav systems. I chose to review a dash cam, as I already have a sat nav.

In the box is everything you need: the My Speed DVR, windscreen bracket, in-vehicle charger with built-in TMC antenna, a soft carry case, USB cable, 8GB Micro SD Card (Dash Camera), Dash Disk, Video cable.

Snooper My-Speed DVR Dash Cam Review

The My-Speed DVR is a neat, slim unit which is ready to go as soon as it was powered up.  As I didn’t have a computer with me when I received it I was delighted that I could use it straight out of the box, and be able to register and update the software when I got home. Registering is very simple, and leads you straight to the software update download, which again is easy and intuitive to use, with clear instructions throughout.

I set it up on the side of the dashboard, where it is easy to see the display without it being in my line of sight while driving. I found getting the angle of the bracket a little tricky, it definitely needed the Dash Disk, as I found the bracket obscured the camera’s view of the road on my windscreen.

Snooper My-Speed DVR Dash Cam Review

The DVR starts up automatically when plugged in, which makes it very easy to use.  The display is a good size, clear, easy to understand at a glance, and shows the speed limit, your speed, the name of the road you are on, which direction you are headed, and the time. Audio alerts can be switched on so that it lets you know when a speed camera or school are nearby. The online manual is clear and easy to follow so that you can customise the settings for the device.

The Bluetooth connectivity means that you can use it to answer and make phone calls, and play music from an external device (such as your phone), as my car does not have in built Bluetooth this is a very useful feature, and my kids like that they can choose music from my phone.

Snooper My-Speed DVR Dash Cam Review

The in-vehicle charger has a long enough cable to be able to put the My-Speed DVR anywhere on the dashboard, although it not ending in a USB means that you cannot charge it alongside other devices without something to give you two sockets in the car.

A little extra thing – I really like the carry case, it is thick enough to protect the device, and big enough to make it easy to get the DVR in an out, and I like that the zips have a popper to pop together so that it can’t open accidentally.

The verdict

Overall, it took me a little bit of time to warm to this device, as setting up the bracket was a bit tricky. Once it was all in place though, I loved having it there, and really like the peace of mind I get from the information it provides and the extra level of protection from the dash cam function.

Snooper My-Speed DVR Dash Cam Review

I like it so much that it has become enough a part of my daily driving routine that I have bought a 12V socket adaptor to be able to use my sat nav, or keep my phone charged on longer journeys; so my only one small gripe is that it would be great to have the option of the in-vehicle charger with built-in TMC antenna having a USB termination.

That said, If you want a simple, small, portable dashcam system, then the My Speed DVR is great, just give yourself a bit of time to set it up initially and you’ll soon find you’re using it effortlessly on every journey!

Thank you to Snooper who provided the featured product. We were not paid to write this review.

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